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Staying well and looking after each other

Maintaining our own health and supporting the wellbeing of others is an important focus for all of us in the yoga community, especially during the current pandemic.

This is an important time to share the benefits, joys, and therapeutic benefits of yoga with our community, but, we need to keep in mind the abundant caution that is advised.

For the time being, our 9 AM Sunday morning class at Tone Yoga in Owen Sound will continue. Updates will be made as the situation evolves.

In the meanwhile, there are some things we can do to be mindful of wellbeing and to minimize health risks for ourselves and others.

We will have hand sanitizer at the facility and suggest you use it before and after class.

Please bring your own mat, blanket, cushion, and anything else that you need to support you in our practice.

In our class, we will maintain the recommended distance between participants.

Most importantly, if you are not feeling well or have any symptoms at all, please stay home and look after yourself.

Stay happy, stay well, stay free from harm.

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